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I have just under two weeks left of senior year.
I can't help but feel as if I haven't done anything worthwhile all year, both art-wise and academic-wise.
Wachta's class feels like it has just been a huge waste of time.
I feel bad for being so annoyed with her all the time, you can tell she tries hard.
Sometimes you make me so mad with how dumb you act, and you're really a smart person.
I haven't written in this thing seriously in a long time, it makes me feel like I'm a freshman again.
Maybe I'll just make a new one.

I'm petrified of college but I can't wait to go.

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i've been so sad lately, and i don't know why.
oh well.
the only thing that makes me happy right now is beverly hills 90210.
damn my sister for getting my hooked on the soap channel.

i need a change of scenery.
katie, lets hang out soon?
olivia, i swear i'm really going to visit you sometime..


haha finally! honesty box! 

"pretty chill when you're sober"


"ya annoying"

"Lindsay is super cool, duuhhh"

"you're beautiful in a punk rock-ish kinda way."

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so who thought that it would be a good idea to take like, 4 times as many energy pills than you are supposed to at 1030 at night? hahah it's 3am and i'm nowhere near tired. oops.

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i want to stay home and watch movies all night.
i think thats what i'm going to do.
maybe i should turn off my cellphone so people can stop calling me.

i drink too much.

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i lost my cellphone lastnight.
Jill, i think it is on the rocks near your house, if you could take a look around there for me, it would be wonderful.
it's a silver razr with a crack down the front screen of it.
aw poo, i can't keep a phone for more than a year without something happening to it. =[...